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Our results

Total calls:


Target 1 hits

Target 2 hits

Target 3 hits

Target 4 hits

Target 5 hits

Average % profit

Monthly average profit:

Nov '19: 41.21%
Dec '19: 58.10%
Jan '20: 33.11%
Feb '20: 48.63%
Mar '20: 24.30%
Apr '20: 54.94%
May '20: 46.72%
Jun '20: 46.45%
Jul '20: 31.39%
Aug '20: 46.69%
Sep '20: 25.07%
Oct '20: 26.11%
Nov '20: 46.12%
Dec '20: 44.55%
Jan '21: 84.42%
Feb '21: 52.66%
Mar '21: 44.73%
Apr '21: 27.50%
May '21: 21.24%
Aug '21: 27.75%
Sep '21: 18.71%
Oct '21: 18.39%

Highlighted calls

# Pair Gain Opened Status
724 ALPHAUSDT 15.64% 16-10-'21 closed
723 DODOUSDT 33.11% 15-10-'21 closed
722 CFXUSDT 10.99% 15-10-'21 closed
718 ALGOBTC 13.80% 02-10-'21 closed
716 AAVEUSDT 26.92% 13-09-'21 closed

Know More About us

About Crypto Brothers

Crypto ₿rothers was founded in 2017. We started as a telegram group for dutchmen to discuss the crypto markets. Our group quickly grew to one of the largest in the Netherlands. Nowadays our telegram channel consist of many skilled traders and crypto currency enthusiasts. Feel free to join our Dutch or international telegram channel to discuss with us.

Are you too busy to research? Do u think trading is hard? Try our services!

Our team consists of several technical analysts with many years of experience in trading cryptocurrencies. As a member of Crypto ₿rothers you will receive calls from our experts via our unique push service. This mean you will receive a notification on your mobile from our own app, directly after our team has entered a trade. This way, you'll never miss a call again.

On top of that, relevant news and interesting air drops can be found in the app as well. Try our services at a discounted fare.

Welcome to the Crypto ₿rothers family!

Our Team Our Core Team exists of the following members:




Business Developer


Lead Developer


TA Specialist


Social Media Expert


Technical analysis professional

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Always receive our current calls. Real-time via our unique push service.

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